Creating awareness and unity for the healing of our community

Fairhope Sisters Unite is a nonprofit located in Fairhope, Alabama. Its mission is to be a catalyst to unite people of different races, genders, faiths and walks of life. Fairhope Unite's goal is to host community gatherings, events and projects where people can fellowship. When people are together side-by-side, conversation flows and friendships form. Through relationships, unity and healing are bound to emerge. Through unity, glory is given to God. All are invited to take part in this exciting movement! Our community building is located at 7022 Twin Beech Road in Fairhope.  

Board of Directors

Valarie Chaney, President
Ruthie Bush

Susan Godwin

Kelley Lyons

Leanne Pearson

Ameshia Taylor
Pamela Williams
Leanne Pearson

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